About Us

CrowdEyes was founded December 2014 by Jann Kallehauge. The CrowdEyes app was first launched in spring 2016, and is the first Danish free app, that makes it possible for users to announce for owners of a lost item, missing people or pet, as well as seeking witnesses to incidents.

The Founding Team

The CrowdCore consists of Jann Kallehauge (Management), Rene Bang Hansen (Marketing), Flemming Petersen (Technology), Asger Rønnow (Sales).

The story of CrowdEyes

A late summer evening, CrowdEyes’ founder Jann Kallehauge was on his way home from work on his bike. In front of him, was another man on his bike with the same mission. Suddenly something fell out of the backpack of the man in front of Jann. It was a set of keys. The man with the backpack continued biking uninterrupted, without having noticed his loss. Jann rushed to pick up the keys and tried as hard as he could, to catch up with the man with the backpack. But with no success. There Jann was, with a set of keys and no owner. He waited for a while, but the man with the backpack didn’t return. According to Danish law, it is compulsory to hand in anything of value to the authorities, if you are not yourself able to reach the rightful owner. And so, Jann of course did. But Jann was left with the question; Did the man ever get his keys back? After some research, Jann found out that every seventh minute a bike is stolen in Denmark. That more than 8 people are involved in a traffic accident every day, and that hundreds of dogs, cats and other pets are missing.  Jann thought that it was time for a change, and the idea to make loss a thing of the past was born. He wanted to help people – and make it easy for people to help one another.


Our vision is to become the leading global online service for managing information regarding lost and found.


Our mission is to ease the exchange of information regarding lost and found things, pets, and persons, as well as witnesses.

Core values

CrowdEyes wants to offer its services based on the values:
  • Sustainability
  • Community
  • Responsibility
  • Quality of life
  • Optimization


CrowdEyes will enhance and create the basis for environmental and economical sustainability.


CrowdEyes will support building the network around people who share the urge to help.


CrowdEyes will amend the possibility to take responsibility and cooperate with others at searches.

Quality of life

CrowdEyes will improve efficiency and reduce uncertainty with certainty.


CrowdEyes will optimize the process of exchanging information regarding lost and found items, pets, people and witnesses.