1   How do I create an announcement?

To create an announcement, simply push Announce. Select whether it is Object, Pet, Person, or Incident. Choose a category and subcategory. Add a title, description, time, place and suitable images for the announcement. Press Publish and your announcement will be shared with all CrowdEyes users.   Before it is finally published, you will be presented with a pop-up, offering  you the opportunity to share your CrowdEyes announcement with your Facebook friends. If you do not want that, press “cancel”

1.1   How do I change my announcement

To change your announcement, simply tab Profile and select Activities. In activities, you will find a list of all your created announcements. Select the announcement you want to change, then tap on the edit icon -which appears as a pen in the top right corner of the image in your announcement. Edit the announcement of your liking and tap Update.

1.2  How do I close my announcement

To end or close your post simply tab Activities. Choose the announcement you would like to change and press the icon Edit- which is shown as a pen in the top right corner of the announcement. Tab the turquoise button Change status. A gray box will shortly after appear, tab Close to close your post conclusively.

1.3   How do I share my announcement?

When you have created a new announcement, you can choose to share it with your Facebook friends right away. Or you can choose to press Cancel and only share the announcement on CrowdEyes. If you change your mind, you can always go to Activities, find your announcement and tap on Share, which can be found in the bottom right.  You will now have the opportunity to share your post on Facebook, Twitter, by Text or E-mail.

1.4   What should I choose as a reward

It is entirely up to you, whether or not you want to offer a finder’s fee and if so how much. But a good starting point would be to follow the police guidelines which says that a finder’s fee is about 10% of the value of an object, if your effects have a value of at least DKK 500.

1.5   Who can see my search and comments

Your announcement and its related comments can be seen by users of the CrowdEyes App, if your post includes words that match the search criteria of another CrowdEyes’ user.

2   How do I search for an announcement

The Latest tab displays all the entries that match your search criteria. They can be sorted by categories using the filters at the top of the page. If you want to be more specific, you can use the search box at the top to search for specific keywords. All announcements that match your search criteria, will appear when you press Latest. All the announcements can be sorted by categories using the icons for the object, pet, person or event, which can be seen on the toolbar of the app. If you want it to be even more specific, you can use the search box - the small box with a loop, which you will find in the top right corner, above the four boxes of the object, pet, person or event. In the box, you can search for more specific keywords such as black, personal etc. in one of the four categories.

2.1   How to set a favorite

You may have found an interesting announcement that is relevant to you, or maybe you just want to be updated on the developments from the sidelines. Tap Latest and select the announcement, which is interesting or relevant to you. In the announcement, you will next to the text find 2 icons. A star and two speech bubbles. By tapping the Star, you will save this specific announcement and be notified whenever other users respond to the announcement. Next time you tap Latest, and tap the Star symbol in the top right corner, you will be able to see all the announcement you are involved in or have marked with the Star. If you make a comment or send a chat message related to the announcement, the announcement will automatically be marked with the Star.

2.2   How do I find my own announcement

You can find your own most recent announcements by tapping on Activities.

2.3   Finding matching entries for your posts

You will find pots that matches your own by tapping on Activities and selects one of your announcements. At the bottom of our announcement, you will see a list of one or several announcements that matches yours.

3   How do I start a chat

3.1   Start a chat during an announcement

To start a chat, go to Latest, select the announcement you are interested in and then tap Chat, which is located right beside the text and the icon with two speech bubbles. The Chat conversation will only be visible to you and the owner of the entry.

3.2   Start a private chat

To start a private conversation via chat, simply tap Chat, in the bottom of the app and then tap the two speech bubbles icon in the upper right corner. Search for the user you want to chat with – tap on the person and write a message or insert an image by tapping the plus sign- that is located just at the bottom next to the textbox.

4   How do I manage claims

If a CrowdEyes user claims an object, pet or person or witness from your announcement, you can accept or reject the claim

4.1   Claim an object

When you have found an announcement that matches what you are looking for, you can make a claim on the announcement. A request can be done, by simply finding the announcement you like and tap Claim, answer the security question that the announcement owner has asked or in another way prove your ownership of the object. When your claim has been accepted, you can chat with the owner of the announcement and arrange how and where the transfer can take place.

4.2   Accepting of claims

If another user is claiming something from one of your announcement, please use the control question you specified when creating the entry, to verify the ownership. It is important to check the ownership thoroughly, this so the object is returned to the rightful owner. If the answer is correct, tab the button Accept and make arrangements with the owner via the chat.

4.3   Rejecting claims

When a user requests something from/in your announcement, but the ownership cannot be verified. Then you should reject the request. You can reject quest by tapping the reject button and write a short justification message for the user who has tried to make the request.

5   Edit information

You can easily change or update your user information. Tap on profile in the bottom of the app and then tap Edit profile. When you are finished with changing or updating your profile, then just press the turquoise Update button

6   Changing the search radius

If you want to change the radius of your search, tab the box Latest and tab the white location- icon, which you will find in the top left corner. In choose your location, you can change the search radius to 9999km. As a standard, the app always shows a radius of 50 km. You will now have the options to change your radius of search. You have three options: Where you are currently located, at your home location (which you chose when you created your profile) or a custom location. As standard, the app always displays a search radius of 50km but can be set up to 9999km.

7   How can I recommend CrowdEyes to others

You can recommend CrowdEyes via Facebook, Twitter, mail or text. In the bottom of the app, tap the Profile. You will see 4 icons, The Facebook f, The twitter bird, an envelope for SMS and @ for e-mail. Tab the icon you want to use and send your recommendation off to friends, family, colleagues or acquaintances.

7.1   How can I send feedback to CrowdEyes

If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can send you suggestions for improvements, simply by tapping Profile and select Feedback from the list. Tab Feedback and enter your suggestion for improvement. Tab send.

7.2   How do I report abuse

If you are experiencing abuse, you can report it in two ways. Find the entry you believe contains abuse and tap "triangle" in the top right corner of the picture in the announcement. Then you will see a white box, with a speech bubble with exclamation points and a text saying Report abuse and block the user. Alternatively, you can send an email to misuse@CrowdEyes.com

7.3   How do I block a user

You can block another user in two ways. Click on a post or comment from the user you want to block. Tap the profile photo and then tap Block user. Or press the "triangle" in the top right corner of the picture in the announcement. Then you will see a white box, with a speech bubble with exclamation points and a text saying Report abuse and Block the user.

7.4   How do I unblock a user

If you by mistake blocked a user or just you want to undone your action, go to Profile. On the list, you will find blocked users. When tapping blocked users, you will see a list of users you have blocked. Tab on the user you would like to unblock and simply tab Unblock.